Trhy střední a východní Evropy – Fortnite znovu nabral sílu před rozhodnutím o úrokových sazbách v Maďarsku

    PRAGUE, April 27 (Reuters) - Hungary's forint edged up on
Tuesday and slowed a two-week slide, before a central bank
policy meeting at which interest rates are likely to be left
unchanged despite upward inflation pressure.
    Other central European currencies eased as the U.S. dollar
hovered above its recent lows and risk appetite eased ahead of a
Federal Reserve policy decision this week.
    The forint has roller-coastered this year, dropping nearly
2% at one point in the past two weeks, which followed a sharp
firming after it bounced off all-time lows in March. It was 0.1%
up at 363.40 to the euro at 0953 GMT.
    Hungary's central bank (MNB) expects headline inflation to
approach 5% in the second quarter, well outside the upper bound
of a target range.
    Analysts mostly say the bank will stay cautious on trying to
tighten monetary conditions amid an economic recovery from the
coronavirus pandemic.
    "Ahead of the central bank decision in Hungary, investors
are assessing whether the MNB will have to support the forint,"
Erste Group Bank analysts said. "The pressure on the HUF might
increase as inflation might surge toward 5% in April."
    Elsewhere, the Czech crown lost steam, dropping
0.1% to 25.875 to the euro. Markets are expecting the Czech
central bank, which meets next week, could begin hiking interest
rates later this year although the timing is still uncertain.
    Board member Vojtech Benda told Bloomberg news agency the
bank was not likely to raise rates this year as much as assumed
in its staff forecasts.
    Romania's leu and the Polish zloty both
dipped 0.05%.
    Warsaw markets were waiting for a Thursday ruling from the
Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) over questions
concerning claims banks may be able to make from clients if
foreign currency mortgage contracts are cancelled.
    The issue, weighing on the zloty, could result in major
losses for the banking sector, coming after thousands of Polish
borrowers took out Swiss franc loans more than a decade ago.
    Warsaw's WIG20 index dropped 0.3% on Tuesday.
                   CEE      SNAPSHO   AT                      
                   MARKETS  T        1153              
                            Latest   Previou  Daily    Change
                            bid      close    change   in 2021
 EURCZK  Czech     <EURCZK  25.8750  25.8560   -0.07%   +1.37%
 =       crown     =>                                  
 EURHUF  Hungary   <EURHUF  363.400  363.740   +0.09%   -0.19%
 =       forint    =>             0        0           
 EURPLN  Polish    <EURPLN   4.5620   4.5595   -0.05%   -0.06%
 =       zloty     =>                                  
 EURRON  Romanian  <EURRON   4.9265   4.9239   -0.05%   -1.25%
 =       leu       =>                                  
 EURHRK  Croatian  <EURHRK   7.5670   7.5635   -0.05%   -0.26%
 =       kuna      =>                                  
 EURRSD  Serbian   <EURRSD  117.500  117.605   +0.09%   +0.06%
 =       dinar     =>             0        0           
         Note:     calcula                    1800            
         daily     ted                        CET      
         change    from STOCKS                                     
                            Latest   Previou  Daily    Change
                                     close    change   in 2021
 .PX     Prague             1094.56  1095.20   -0.06%   +6.56%
 .BUX    Budapest           43304.3  43281.6   +0.05%   +2.84%
                                  7        1           
 .WIG20  Warsaw    <.WIG20  1999.52  2005.10   -0.28%   +0.78%
 .BETI   Buchares           11283.0  11213.7   +0.62%   +15.07
         t                        7        5                 %
 .SBITO  Ljubljan  <.SBITO  1060.52  1063.41   -0.27%   +17.72
 P       a         P>                                        %
 .CRBEX  Zagreb    <.CRBEX  1893.68  1895.34   -0.09%   +8.88%
 .BELEX  Belgrade  <.BELEX   770.34   770.34   +0.00%   +2.90%
 15                15>                                 
 .SOFIX  Sofia     <.SOFIX   520.53   519.88   +0.13%   +16.31
                   >                                         %
                            Yield    Yield    Spread   Daily
                            (bid)    change   vs Bund  change
         Czech                                         spread
 CZ2YT=    2-year  <CZ2YT=   0.6360   0.0130   +133bp    +2bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 CZ5YT=    5-year  <CZ5YT=   1.3730  -0.0720   +197bp    -7bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 CZ10YT            <CZ10YT   1.7930  -0.0050   +205bp    -1bps
 =RR     10-year   =RR>                             s  
 PL2YT=    2-year  <PL2YT=   0.0920   0.0020   +078bp    +1bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 PL5YT=    5-year  <PL5YT=   0.8090  -0.0440   +141bp    -5bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 PL10YT            <PL10YT   1.5520  -0.0040   +181bp    -1bps
 =RR     10-year   =RR>                             s  
                            3x6      6x9      9x12     3M
         Czech     <CZKFRA     0.45     0.70     0.97     0.36
         Rep       ><PRIBO                             
         Hungary   <HUFFRA     0.96     1.13     1.29     0.79
         Poland    <PLNFRA     0.25     0.26     0.37     0.21
         Note: FRA quotes                                     
         are for ask                                   
 (Reporting by Jason Hovet in Prague, Anita Komuves in Budapest
and Alan Charlish in Warsaw)

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